VigRX Plus Results

VigRX Plus Results Are In:

The first clinical VigRX Plus research carried out in real men reveals simply stunning results.

The participants report of significant improvements in regard to a bunch of aspects:

  • ♦ Up to 63% increased ability to boost erection
  • ♦ Up to 60% increase in sexual partner penetration
  • ♦ An overall quality of an orgasm is increased by up to 23% on average
  • ♦ Up to 72% satisfaction growth
  • ♦ 61.00% INCREASE in overall sexual satisfaction
  • ♦ Up to 47% acceleration in sex drive and desire

*Attention: all the presented results are approved by Vedic Lifesciences research center, whose experts took advantage of using placebo and double-blind methods to acquire the most actual and fair results. Please, note that the results may vary depending on individual cases.

An Explanation Of How The Study Was Conducted And Who Was Involved:

The clinical study was performed by Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.

It was a triple-blind study, which means nobody involved in evaluating the results (doctors, researchers, etc.) knew whether participants were taking VigRX Plus™ or the placebo.

The trial ran for 84 days, with assessment visits taking place on Day 28, Day 56, and Day 84.

The results were assessed using the IIEF - the International Index of Erectile Function. This system of assessment is well respected throughout the international community and has demonstrated consistent treatment responsiveness in studies in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Overview Of The Most Significant Clinical Study Results

Test #1:

Up to 63% increased ability to boost erection

After an 80 days course the participants admitted an up to 60% increase in ability to maintain hard and dense erection which guaranteed smooth penetration.

This was as compared to the placebo group, see the chart below:

Ability to maintain erection after penetration (Q4 of IIEF)
VigRx Plus
2.56 ±1.1 4.02 ±1.62 62.82%
2.44 ±1.1 2.66 ±1.34 10.18%
IIEF scores are expressed as Mean ±2SD

Test #2:

Up to 60% increase in sexual partner penetration

The test included a good number of ad hoc quizzes for men participants and their sexual partners. The effect of VigRX Plus has been compared with placebo, while the particular results have been measured with EDITS scale.

The fact should be underlined that female partners admitted a 60% increased penetration ability along with a substantial improvement in overall satisfaction.

Not surprisingly, placebo users reported of no obvious changes in their penetration ability.
See the chart below:

Male Enhancement Graph

Test #3:

An overall quality of an orgasm is increased by up to 23% on average

An 84 days VigRX course has positively affected the quality of orgasms: non-placebo group has noticed a 23% increase in the number of orgasms per sexual intercourse.

Last we checked, more orgasms definitely equated to BETTER overall sexual satisfaction.

Male Enhancement Study

Test #4:

Up to 47% acceleration in sex drive and desire

One of the core reasons for VigRX Plus popularity is the preparationís stunning ability to accelerate sex drive and desire dramatically.

This aspect is absolutely crucial since prescription pills are not likely to affect your sex drive at all: thatís why more and more doctors endorse the idea of using VigRX Plus.

VigRX Plus Clinical Study

Test #5:

Up to 72% satisfaction growth

In accordance with a clinical research held in men, the participants report of up to 72% growth in overall sexual intercourse satisfaction.

A tiny 12% placebo powered increase means that those who have been taking VigRX Plus are 5-6 times more satisfied with sexual intercourses.

VigRX Plus Graph

Test #6:

61.00% INCREASE in overall sexual satisfaction

And finally when all of the results were in, after 84 days the patients taking VigRX Plus™ reported a 61.00% increase in their overall sexual satisfaction...

Note: to ensure fair and adequate results a triple-blind method has been applied, so neither doctors, nor patients had no clue regarding the consistency of this or that pill.

This completely eliminates any bias in the results!

Male Enhancement Results

Erection Quality Scores Compared Over 12 Weeks:

VigRX Plus Results

As you can see, over the 12 week trial period, VigRX Plus™ produced measurable increases in erection quality scores, when compared to the placebo.

Study Participants Answer The Question:

“Would You Continuing Taking VigRX Plus™ Or The Placebo?¬† Yes or No?”

VigRX Plus Outcome

Triple-Blind Study Results:

Using VigRX Plus has contributed to a significant, measurable increase in erection quality, sex drive and sexual intercourse satisfaction.

The results are exceedingly positive, allowing to state that VigRX Plus is a truly decent competitor to any prescription medicine with a major bonus of side effects absence.

Due to an 84 days course the participants admitted an incredible improvement in sexual performance.

Vedic Lifesciences reports:

... A90% of research participants admitted they are going to continue the course, as they are COMPLETELY SATISFED with the effect of the pills!

And in another direct quote received from Vedic Lifesciences:

In addition, VigRX Plus totally outperforms placebo in erectile function improvement.

Doubtlessly, VigRX Plus is a powerful instrument to treat male sexual disfunction safely and efficiently!

The enhancement of sexual function was endorsed by female partners of subjects receiving VigRX Plus™.

VigRX Plus™ was safe and well tolerated in subjects with male sexual dysfunction!”

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Other Clinical & Safety Studies Completed:

*Studies done on VigRX original formula

All the testimonials and endorsements published on our website are 100% real. Clinical researches have been carried out by Vedic Life Sciences.