VigRX Plus Spray

vigrx plus spray

Who doesn't want a marathon night of sex? Why wouldn't she want her man to last longer? Studies show that in an ideal world women would prefer sex to last up to 20 minutes. Some men can last up to 2 no matter how much they try. So VigRX states this is the solution.

What is VigRX?

VigRX Plus Spray is a sexual performance spray that allows longer male sexual activity. While making the penile skin less sensitive, this will help you and your partner climax at once by allowing you to "pick" when you want to orgasm. Penile sensitivity is important to note in these cases - very sensitive penile skin can be caused by weak or damaged nerves within the penis. Premature ejaculation id common among men. Some men, unfortunately, can only last up to two minutes. VigRX Plus Spray is a product that is proven to assist.
It sounds like a fascinating product that any man - no matter the age, can give it a whirl.
So... what are some effects of VigRX Plus Spray?
- Longer lasting sexual performance
- Selective orgasms
- More foreplay
- Give women several climaxes during sex
- Worth-living sex life - No better quality in other desensitizers found on the market

VigRX Plus Spray Ingredients

The primary active ingredient inside VigRX Plus Spray is a mild anesthetic named benzocaine. When this is absorbed into the penile tissue, it stops propagation of action potential cause by the voltage-dependent sodium channels or VDSCs. In other words it relaxes the nerves in your penis. Also, the spray is manufactured in the United States, so there should be comfort knowing that strict safety regulations are in place.

How To Use VigRX Spray

It's actually very simple. Spray three times on your penis, and wait 10 minutes in order for it to absorb in. Keep in mind that this is dose dependent, you may or may not need to experiment for optimum use for you.

You should receive your minimum of 30 minutes, and with use over time, you could last longer than even that. Another question is, can VigRX be taken along with other male enhancement supplements? The answer is yes! Many men would say they do the same. It's completely safe and secure.Where To BuySo... you've read this useful information and you're looking to buy. You can go only directly to their website. You can also get better discounts with bigger orders.Does it Really Work?The creators of this product are competent in what they do and in my opinion this would come in handy with many of my partners. I'd suggest you give it a try if you're looking for longer performance.

vigrx spray